Friday, July 31, 2015

Adlib Adventures Released!

Hey Everyone,

While I've been working on my novel and Dark Mod levels, my brother and I have also been putting together something ... a little different:

Yep, here's Adlib Adventures! It's a computer game where you put together funny stories and learn about grammar/spelling at the same time.

You can purchase it for $3.99 from
And check out some more screenshots here:

Here are the key features:

-Comes with three play modes that encourage reading, grammar, and typing:
  1.  Easy mode is for quick, fun play. Words fall across the screen and you can just pick whatever ones you think are fun, or type in your own.
  2.  Medium mode helps teach grammar. You need to pick words from the right category (noun vs. verb, etc) before you run out of lives.
  3.  Hard mode helps teach spelling. Not only do you have to pick words from the right category, but you have to spell them out too.
 -Comes with four unique campaigns (Pirate, Superhero, Detective, Fantasy) to play through, where your choices in one story carry through to the next. For instance, if you play through the Superhero campaign, and you pick a superpower like shooting flowers out of your ear, then in the next story your hero will still have that superpower. You can even make choices in between stories that will determine how the campaign will play out.

-Comes with hours of content, including over a hundred stories to play through, and its own story editor so you can make and play your own stories.

-No Advertising/Bloatware and 100% DRM Free.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A House of Locked Secrets is Released!

The sequel to Requiem is finally ready for everyone to play.

In A House of Locked Secrets you step back into the shoes of Bolen, a former thief living in a sprawling medieval city. As the game starts, you've been rethinking your path in life and your new road takes you high into the mountains, to the gates of a mysterious monastery. 

A House of Locked Secrets is a companion piece to Shadowcursed (but has a totally new story) and is free for anyone to download and play. All you will need to have installed is a copy of The Dark Mod (also free).

Here are the automated installation instructions:

Step 1: Download The Dark Mod. You can find it here:

Step 2: Once you install the Dark Mod, you can press the 'New Mission' button, then click on 'Download Missions' and select A House of Locked Secrets to download. It should then automatically install and you can play.

If you are new to Dark Mod levels (or first person games in general), I would recommend first playing the Training Mission which comes along with the game first.

Here are the manual installation instructions:

Step 1: Download The Dark Mod. You can find it here:

Step 2: Download A House of Locked Secrets. You can find it at the following site:

Step 3: Create a folder in your Dark Mod install with the path "darkmod/fms/house" and place the downloaded .pk4 file inside. When you load up The Dark Mod, the mission will appear on the "New Mission" page.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Feel free to shoot me any questions if something doesn't work or if you are stuck. You can also see the thread I set up for A House of Locked Secrets in the Dark Mod forums here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Announcing: A House of Locked Secrets

Hey All,

I apologize for the long radio silence, but I've been keeping busy over the last few months and can now announce that my next Dark Mod project is now just about ready to be released. Here is a teaser trailer put together by my friend Goldwell:

You'll be stepping back into the shoes of Bolen and exploring a mysterious manor, uncovering the deep secrets its walls hold. Right now we're in beta testing, and if all goes well it will be released in the next few weeks.

Monday, July 21, 2014

List of reviews for Shadowcursed

Hey all,

Recently I've been blessed with quite a few reviews of Shadowcursed coming online at various book blog sites. Thanks to all the reviewers for taking the time to read the book and provide such good/thoughtful comments! Going forward, I'll try to make this list comprehensive update it as more reviews go live:

Big Al's Books and Pals:
Cathi Shaw:
Good, Bad, Bizzare:
Hungry Monster (Review):
Hungry Monster (Author Interview):
Indie Book Reviewer:
John H. Swenson:
Movies & Manuscripts:
Laura of Lurking:
S.A. Molenti:
Sadie S. Forsyth:
The Book Landers:
Under The Mountain:
Undiscovered Tomes (Shadowcursed):
Undiscovered Tomes (Requiem):

Sunday, June 1, 2014

An Interview with Athalle

Just a quick post to let you know that an interview that Athalle of the Thief fan-site Through The Looking Glass has just gone live. In it we talk about the process of making fan modifications:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reviews, Awards, and Plans

Hey All,

It's been another busy couple months with lots going on in both the writing and game development fronts. With writing, I'm making good progress on the next novel and I'll try to put the first chapter up on this blog soon just so everyone can get a sense of what it will be about.

There's also been a few more reviews of Shadowcursed that have popped up on the web.

Here's one by the Movies & Manuscript blog:

Here's another by The New Podler Review

On the game development front, the big news is that I just won the grand prize in Square-Enix's recent Thief level design contest. Here's the video I submitted of Requiem which turned into the winning entry (huge spoiler warning):

I'm really flabbergasted to have won, and want to thank everyone who voted during the contest. It's really appreciated :-). One of the prizes I got was a trip to the E3 gaming expo as well as a trip to visit the development team behind the recent Thief game at Eidos Montreal. I'll try to put up photos of both as they happen.

I've also been hard at work making a two-part sequel to Requiem. The first part is fully done, and the second part is well underway. Here's some screenshots from player AluminumHaste:

Finally, my brother and I are putting the finishing touches on an indie edutainment game which I'll hopefully be able to reveal here shortly. So, lots going on and hopefully lots more to come.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vote for Shadowcursed!

Hey guys,

Well this is pretty great news. Big Al's, one of the larger indie book review sites on the web, has just nominated my novella, Shadowcursed, for a Reader's Choice Award!

I'm actually pretty flattered just to have won the nomination, but with enough votes I might actually win too. I'd be forever grateful to anyone who went and gave their vote to Shadowcursed. By voting you also enter a giveaway where you can win some nice prizes, so it's win-win all the way around.

To vote, just go to this site and in the Fantasy category check off Shadowcursed:


After the contest is done I plan on doing a new update post. I've been keeping busy, starting on my next novel and also putting together another Dark Mod level. Here's a teaser screenshot of the level in the meantime: