Friday, July 31, 2015

Adlib Adventures Released!

Hey Everyone,

While I've been working on my novel and Dark Mod levels, my brother and I have also been putting together something ... a little different:

Yep, here's Adlib Adventures! It's a computer game where you put together funny stories and learn about grammar/spelling at the same time.

You can purchase it for $3.99 from
And check out some more screenshots here:

Here are the key features:

-Comes with three play modes that encourage reading, grammar, and typing:
  1.  Easy mode is for quick, fun play. Words fall across the screen and you can just pick whatever ones you think are fun, or type in your own.
  2.  Medium mode helps teach grammar. You need to pick words from the right category (noun vs. verb, etc) before you run out of lives.
  3.  Hard mode helps teach spelling. Not only do you have to pick words from the right category, but you have to spell them out too.
 -Comes with four unique campaigns (Pirate, Superhero, Detective, Fantasy) to play through, where your choices in one story carry through to the next. For instance, if you play through the Superhero campaign, and you pick a superpower like shooting flowers out of your ear, then in the next story your hero will still have that superpower. You can even make choices in between stories that will determine how the campaign will play out.

-Comes with hours of content, including over a hundred stories to play through, and its own story editor so you can make and play your own stories.

-No Advertising/Bloatware and 100% DRM Free.